• Chapter Eight: The Sample
    “You do not know what you say,” Michel said. “We have procedures, we have clean rooms – ”
  • Interviews
    Without a word he hands me the document from his lawyer. Even I recognize the high-powered firm.
  • Chapter Seven: The Institute
    Max sat on a bench, smoking his fifth cigarette of the morning and keeping his eyes fixed on the main entrance of the Wolfhaven Institute.
  • The Magnafan
    As I walked into my new office, I smelled the fresh paint and doughnuts and saw the grey, boring walls that I would be working in.
  • The ghost of cells past: Part 4
    We are pleased to present the final episode of a new four-part story by Deborah Flusberg, about a lab research project that suddenly gets personal.
  • Chapter Six: The Retraction
    Slater watched Brad leave the room. Even after the door had swung shut, anger shot through his veins.
  • The ghost of cells past: Part 3
    When he opened his eyes, head cradled in his arms at his lab desk, it took him a few moments to realize that what had just happened had been a dream. Or had it?
  • The special ones
    He sat, slumped, on the flimsy cot of his cell. Surrounded by cold concrete walls, he was a prisoner of the government
  • The ghost of cells past: Part 2
    That night at his apartment, Robert dreamed of his sister in the cancer ward of the children’s hospital. Her head was bare, hair long gone
  • The ghost of cells past: Part 1
    When people asked Robert why he wanted to go into biology research, he never mentioned his sister
  • The dangers of Yellowstone
    I still remember when I first saw the wolves.
  • Chapter Five: The Outlier
    Slater could tell she was thinking furiously, recognizing she had said the wrong thing.
  • From the Collins Industries Archives
    I pondered my choices as I laid on the moldy cot in my decrepit apartment. My fingers ached. I was out of sleeping pills. Again
  • Voices of the next generation
    Last year, I received an email from Marieclaire Apuli, a Language Arts teacher at Emerson…
  • Chapter Four: The Postdoc
    Brad stared at the printout in front of him. There it was again, that damned high molecular weight peak he had seen on both previous runs.
  • Chapter Three: The Party
    Ah, these silly English men, Sabine thought as she drove down Long Road. They are so easily amused – it really wasn’t work at all. All she ever had to do was smile at them and they would do anything she asked.
  • Chapter Two: The Lab
    Dr Bradley Jefferson Walker Pettier III was confused.
  • Chapter One: The Funeral
    Professor Thomas Slater realized that it wasn’t going to be so difficult to be inconspicuous after all.