• Chapter Twelve: The Interview
    Toni suppressed a laugh. Weren’t scientists meant to be observant?
  • Priority
    When retelling the story at meetings or parties, I often throw in a few twists and white lies.
  • Rock bottom
    Will I be front story news? Will they make me look like a reckless fool, one of those crazy daredevil tourists? Just to satisfy and entertain their readers, so they can feel superior?
  • Because the stakes are so small
    “Excuse me, Professor Tsing? I’m really sorry to bother you, but could I ask you a quick question…” Feigned politeness. Smug self-importance disguised as intellectual curiosity and deference.
  • Chapter Eleven: The Volunteer
    Sabine checked her watch against the clock over the door. It wasn’t that she and Max ever agreed to meet, but his habit was to be at the lab half an hour after leaving his office.
  • Racy thrillers, rom-coms and period romps: 83 new additions to the LabLit List
    It’s official – it really does seem as if lab lit, the genre, is finally going mainstream.
  • The journey to Mars
    In the future, Earth will no longer be habitable, and we will have to go live on Mars. The problem is, we do not know how to get there.
  • Life reimagined
    But the thing that I noticed most is the sound. Or the lack of it. There are no birds singing, and no bugs buzzing in my ear. The pesky hum of a mosquito that isn’t there is more concerning than one that is.
  • Eugene Vasilly, Genius
    It is generally agreed upon that, had his life not ended in shame and obscurity,…
  • Chapter Ten: The Promise
    “You’ve done something here, Mike!” Slater shook his head. “I can’t let you leave now, there’s still too much to do. We can find a way through this.”
  • Chapter Nine: The Infection
    Slater was headed his way, but not looking where he was going. Why was he so pale?
  • The science of coincidence
    (or the Law of Truly Large Numbers)
    Because it is Science that will be my chief witness today. Logic shall be my defence. Fact shall be my evidence.
  • Chapter Eight: The Sample
    “But she died of chikungunya fever. And you had some in the lab. Is it possible she could have been infected by it?”
  • Interviews
    Without a word he hands me the document from his lawyer. Even I recognize the high-powered firm.
  • Chapter Seven: The Institute
    Max sat on a bench, smoking his fifth cigarette of the morning and keeping his eyes fixed on the main entrance of the Wolfhaven Institute.
  • The Magnafan
    As I walked into my new office, I smelled the fresh paint and doughnuts and saw the grey, boring walls that I would be working in.
  • The ghost of cells past: Part 4
    We are pleased to present the final episode of a new four-part story by Deborah Flusberg, about a lab research project that suddenly gets personal.
  • Chapter Six: The Retraction
    Slater watched Brad leave the room. Even after the door had swung shut, anger shot through his veins.
  • The ghost of cells past: Part 3
    When he opened his eyes, head cradled in his arms at his lab desk, it took him a few moments to realize that what had just happened had been a dream. Or had it?
  • The special ones
    He sat, slumped, on the flimsy cot of his cell. Surrounded by cold concrete walls, he was a prisoner of the government
  • The ghost of cells past: Part 2
    That night at his apartment, Robert dreamed of his sister in the cancer ward of the children’s hospital. Her head was bare, hair long gone
  • The ghost of cells past: Part 1
    When people asked Robert why he wanted to go into biology research, he never mentioned his sister
  • The dangers of Yellowstone
    I still remember when I first saw the wolves.
  • Chapter Five: The Outlier
    Slater could tell she was thinking furiously, recognizing she had said the wrong thing.
  • From the Collins Industries Archives
    I pondered my choices as I laid on the moldy cot in my decrepit apartment. My fingers ached. I was out of sleeping pills. Again
  • Voices of the next generation
    Last year, I received an email from Marieclaire Apuli, a Language Arts teacher at Emerson…
  • Chapter Four: The Postdoc
    Brad stared at the printout in front of him. There it was again, that damned high molecular weight peak he had seen on both previous runs.
  • Chapter Three: The Party
    Ah, these silly English men, Sabine thought as she drove down Long Road. They are so easily amused – it really wasn’t work at all. All she ever had to do was smile at them and they would do anything she asked.
  • Chapter Two: The Lab
    Dr Bradley Jefferson Walker Pettier III was confused.
  • Chapter One: The Funeral
    Professor Thomas Slater realized that it wasn’t going to be so difficult to be inconspicuous after all.