(Dir. Ivan Passer)
Romantic Comedy: A grieving scientist (Peter O’Toole) tries to clone his late wife; the most realistic molecular biology labs on film, in our opinion.
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(Dir. Wolfgang Petersen)
Thriller: A military softie (Dustin Hoffman), a scientist (Rene Russo), a monkey and a brilliant supporting cast save the free world from viral catastrophe.
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(Dir. Robert Zemeckis)
Thriller: An astronomer (Jodie Foster) risks her career by devoting herself to the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence.
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Dante’s Peak

(Dir. Roger Donaldson)
Thriller: Volcanologist Harry Dalton (Pierce Brosnan) tries to convince a city council that the local mountain is about to blow, with realistic science as well as scientists.
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Deep Impact

(Dir. Mimi Leder)
Thriller: Amateur and professional astronomers feature in this realistically realized tale of a comet on a collision course with Earth, starring Robert Duvall.
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I Am Legend

(Dir. Francis Lawrence)
Thriller: One scientist (Will Smith) must find a cure for a gene therapy cure gone horribly wrong.
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The Dish

(Dir. Rob Sitch)
Drama: NASA gets culture shock when it relies on the crew of the Parks radio telescope, Australia, to relay live TV pictures from Apollo 11. Starring Sam Neill.
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(Dir. Steven Soderbergh)
Thriller: A realistic tale of the outbreak of a deadly pandemic and the scientists struggling to save the world.
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(Dir. Alex Karpovsky)
Thriller: A scientist becomes dangerously obsessed by a fellow researcher in the lab.
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The Theory of Everything

(Dir. James Marsh)
Thriller: A biopic based on the life of Stephen Hawking.
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The Martian

(Dir. Ridley Scott)
Thriller: An abandoned astronaut struggles to get home
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Hidden Figures

(Dir. Theodore Melfi)
Drama/Biopic: A story about NASA’s real-life African-American female mathematicians and their work in the space program. Links: IMDb

The Man Who Knew Infinity

(Dir. Matthew Brown)
Drama/Biopic: Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan travels from India to attend Cambridge University during World War I. Links: Amazon (UK)