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“ founder and editor, Jenny Rohn, is prone to getting excited over ‘hard-core lab scenes.’ “ picks another great crop of beach reads for NPR

“These summer reads have scientists at their heart”

Interview of’s editor on NPR

“It’s a great venue for aspiring authors to publish their fiction about scientists”

Interview of’s editor on 3M Champions of Science podcast

Novels about scientists highlight passion and (sometimes) failure

Interview of’s editor on NPR

Lab lit – a lesser-known literary genre that tries to portray scientists realistically, beyond the classic lab coat stereotypes

Science in fiction featured in Nature Physics

Scientists in space – and beyond

Jenny talks lab lit fiction with Mariella Frostrup on Open Book, BBC Radio 4

The untapped niche is rich in opportunities for originality

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Lab Lit Revealed:’s editor interviewed by Robert Crease

Piece in Physics World

“Lab lit? What’s that? Not to be confused with science fiction, lab lit refers to novels with scientists as central characters”

NPR discusses and the genre – or lack thereof

“[R]esearch developments have been featuring in novels that depict the world as we know it now.”

Piece on LabLit in Oxford Today

“[A] genre of serious fiction with a snappy new name: lab lit…the webzine…has “Lab Lit Lists” for dozens of novels, films, plays and TV shows

The New York Times likes

‘Lab lit’ is a chance to show what we’re really like

The New Scientist talks to Jenny

Light reading

LabLit helps judge Diamond’s science short story competition

Dedicated to “writing about the science environment, stories that take place in the lab” recommends

“A clever website… breaks new ground in its portrayal of science and scientists”

BioTechniques Webwatch recommends us

“Another example of ‘lab lit’ is Experimental Heart…which I’ll put on my ‘to read’ list”

– The Boston Globe gets into science novels

“[Scientists] are usually cast as troublemakers and hardly ever get to be true Hollywood heroes”

Jenny dissects the science behind the movie ‘Splice’ for BBC News

“Science is a great topic for a novel”

Interview of LabLit’s editor in Lab Times

A lab lit renaissance?

Jenny’s essay in Nature about why science in fiction seems on the rise

“The loveliness of the Lab Lit List”

Author Michael Byers recommends our collection of science novels

“Science is only one side of the story”

Jenny from LabLit interviews Billy Bragg for Nature news

“[Lab lit novels] are not just entertaining tales of biologists at work; they also make the reader think about the unique issues”

Nature Methods recommends

“[One of] 20 great websites that every scientist, engineering, or geek-at-heart ought to know about”

Baltimore Science News Examiner on

“[C]heck out [] for more reasons to welcome science to literature”


“[W]here literary scientists…can find like-minded people”

Chemistry World on

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Learn more on the Guardian‘s ‘Science Weekly’ podcast

“It’s a wonderful venture, and a topic of the most resonant importance”

novelist Richard Powers on

“FUN: Still life, with test tube”

Science magazine recommends LabLit

“A light touch and some panache”

LabLit reviewed by The Biochemist